This is the default car we provide for all our guests free when they book our hotel – this is the car our hotel endorse.  We feel that the Suzuki Lapin is one of the most practical choice of car for Tourists to drive in Japan.  Kei-class cars are unique classification of cars for Japan, and Kei in Japanese means light or small.  All Kei class cars in Japan has engine smaller than 660cc.  Although all Kei cars have small engines, not all of them lack the necessary horsepower or performance.  For Suzuki Lapin, it deliveries a balance of performance and practicality for such a Kei car.  It has 4 doors for 4 passengers, and when it’s loaded with 4 passengers, there are still enough cargo space in the back for luggage.  Below are the few reasons why we have chosen the the Suzuki Lapin: 

This is a Kei class car in Japan with body length around 3.3 meters.  Kei cars are best for cruising around tiny street corners.  In Japan, there are many small roads and streets, and it’s best for Kei cars to perform in such tight environments. 

This car is equipped with 5 doors, 4 for passengers and 1 at the back for cargo access.  To build a car this small and still be able to fit 5 doors, it makes this car feels like a regular sized car. 

This car offers more than enough cargo space for 2 passengers.  When the back seats folded down, it creates enough more cargo spaces to fit more than 2 largest size TSA approved luggage.

With only 660cc, this car doesn’t offer good acceleration, however, this car is fun to drive.  Due to its small wheel base and chassis, this car is incredibly easy to handle.  Besides, we want our customers to use this car to drive around the city slower for them to enjoy the new sceneries they will see during their commutes.  

Since this car only has a 660cc engine, it burns less gasoline than larger cars.  With a fuel consumption of approximately 20km/L, this car has relatively economical fuel consumption rate.