2F – Second Floor
Dining Area Kitchen Microwave and Fridge Guest Room 4 - Family Room To 1F Water Server and Gachapon

Dining Area

Dinning Table

This is the dining booth located on 2/F.  This spacious dining booth can seat 6 to 8 adult guests.  We have installed power outlets and USB charging ports on the table for our guests to conveniently charge their person devices.


Kitchen Counter

Open Kitchen with enough counter space for preparing meals for 2 or more.

Microwave and Fridge

Fridge and ovens

Besides the small fridge equipped with all guest rooms, we also provide a share refrigerator for all guests to use to temporary storage away ingredients needed to be chill.  Microwave oven is always convenience for heating up foods or sometimes for cooking some ingredients.

Guest Room 4 - Family Room

Room 4

This is Guest room 4.  Click HERE to see more details about this room.

Water Server and Gachapon

Water Dispenser that serves both hot and cold filtered water.  We have Gachapon machine that sells rice grains for 2 persons.