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Futon Bed Wardrobe Fridge Bathroom 24-inch TV and desk Entrance Area

Futon Bed

Coffee Table R1

Futon bed can be put away so guests can have more room to enjoy cups of tea while relaxing in the room.



Even with limited space, we managed to installed a practical wardrobe for guests to hang away their belongings.  The storage bin on the shelf helps guests organize their personal items.


Fridge Opened

Small fridge to help guests keep their refreshments chill.


Bathroom with bidet and shower unit.  This is a spacious bathroom bigger than many business hotel bathrooms in Japan, equipped with all the amenities you may need to make your stay comfortable in our hotel.

24-inch TV and desk

Desk Opened

This room equipped with a writing desk, mounted on top of the desk is a 24" TV.  The writing desk can be closed to save space when it's not in use.

Entrance Area


We mounted a wall-mount chair which can be folded down when you need to sit down to put on or take off your socks, or simply sit on this bench to relax.

Japanese Style Room with independent bathroom, entrance and lock.

This 11 sqm room has features you can find in a 5-star hotel room. It fits a double size futon bed with spare room left for other activities. Completed with shower stall and wash basin that is located inside the room, you can have complete privacy when staying inside this room.

Price listed for this room INCLUDES free car rental.  Note: price for this room remain the same even if you don’t drive the car.

FREE CAR RENTAL 24″ TV Wardrobe Hairdryer 24L Refrigerator Wall mount sitting bench Full mirror Writing desk Coffee table Japanese Futon Mattress Security lock Alarm clock Room disinfectant Reading light Night table light


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