Room 4 Layout
Futon Sofa Bed 2 Double beds Writing desk 42-inch TV Bathroom with bathtub Closet Toilet 48L Refrigerator Balcony

Futon Sofa Bed

With the width slightly wider than a double bed, this futon sofa bed can be opened to become a Futon mattress.

2 Double beds

Room View Room 4

2 Double beds allows up to 4 adults to sleep comfortably throughout their stay in this room.

Writing desk

R4 writing desk

Writing desk equipped with USB ports and power outlets right on the desktop of this desk.

42-inch TV

TV Room 4

Large 42' LCD TV.  Guests can use this TV to view live Japanese broadcasting or simply hook it up to the computer to enjoy your own contents.

Bathroom with bathtub

Bathtub Room 4

Unlike other rooms in our hotel, this room is equipped with a small bathtub allowing our guests to enjoy hot spring bath in this room.


Closet Room 4

Small closet with door.  Equipped with full mirror on the closet door, this small closet will keep our guests personal items tidy and organized.


Toilet Room 4

Spacious toilet area.

48L Refrigerator

Fridge opens room 4

Small 48L fridge for guests to use.


Open sliding door room 4

Balcony is accessible to guests.