Room 3 Layout

16 Square Meter Room. Click on the floorplan to discover more details.

Room 3 floorplan
Futon Bed Wardrobe and storage area Writing Desk Full mirror at Entrance Bathroom 32-inch TV Wardrobe and storage

Futon Bed

Double-sized futon bed.

Wardrobe and storage area

Table and Closet Room 3

There is a 36L refrigerator under the table.  Equipped with table light which also act as a night light, there are plenty of space for your personal belongings.

Writing Desk

Writing desk

Wall mounted writing desk can be closed up when not in used.

Full mirror at Entrance


Full-sized mirror located at the entrance of the room.  Dual locks installed on the entrance provide double security.


Bathroom with same features of some 5-stars hotels.  You will find all kinds of amenities in this bathroom.

32-inch TV

Room 3 TV

32" TV and cabinets with built-in electricity outlets so guests can use this cabinet to charge their mobile devices.

Wardrobe and storage

Wardrobe Room 3

Areas on the wall for storage.  Tatami (legless) chairs can be hang away when not in use.