The Toyota iQ is a car of our choice.  Not only this car is fun to drive, it’s packed with many good features.  This is a car that many people will not buy, but many will want to cruise around with when vacationing.  Below are a few reasons why we have chosen iQ:

With length less than 3 meters, this car can maneuver around tiny Japanese streets and park at tight spaces.

Classified as a regular car in Japan, Toyota iQ has the smallest turning radius of its class, making this car the world’s best turning corners car.

Although this car looks small from the outside, it’s actually very spacious in the front seats. If there are only 2 passengers in the front, you will not even notice you are driving such a tiny car. The front passenger space is equivalent to a Toyota Corona.

With 1000 cc or 1200 cc engine, this car not only drives like a regular car, but due to it’s small frame and lighter weight, it boosts its acceleration and responsiveness. Not only this car is easy to maneuver, it also has impressive performances.

With a fuel consumption of approximately 21km/L, this car has the same or better fuel economy of a Toyota Prius, making this car the best fuel economic car of this class.