Guest Kitchen

Guest Kitchen with Dining area

We have built a kitchen on the 2/F for our guests to use – free of charge.  With advanced booking, all guests are welcome to use this kitchen during their stays in our hotel.   

Kitchen Box for Guests who will use the kitchen.

To maintain hygiene and safety for our guests, cookware such as knives and pots are stored away and locked when the kitchen is not in use.  When guests book the kitchen, we will hand over the kitchen box and the key to the box to our guests, there’s no need for guests to bring their own cookware.  We have numerous sets of these kitchen boxes for different guests, and all these boxes contain the most commonly used cookware for cooking any conventional meals. 

These are all the contents locked inside the Kitchen box

We use 3kW IH stoves for our kitchen.  These IH hobs provide enough heat power to cook yet reduce fire hazard compared to open flames gas hobs.  These IH stoves are turned off and disabled when the kitchen is not in use so accidental turned on is not possible. 

Refrigerator, Microwave, and other cookware, also available for guests to use when they book the kitchen.

We provide beyond the basics for our guests; not only we have the kitchen essentials, we also have some unconventional cookware for our guests to borrow, such as air fryers, small ovens, etc.

water server

We have installed drinking water server with high graded water filter in this kitchen.  This machine serves both hot and cold water!  Another one is available in the lounge area for guests to enjoy either hot or cold clean drinking water.

We also provide the most fundamental kinds of seasoning free of charge for our guests to season their ingredients.  Feel free to buy your own from the local supermarket though, they are inexpensive and small, and can be kept as souvenir if only partially consumed.  You can also leave it behind, we will keep it for other guests to use.  

Gachapon (Japanese vending machine) for rice, located in our kitchen.

One of the most commonly cooked ingredient in Japan is rice.  In our hotel, we sell some portion of rice directly from our kitchen’s vending machine so you don’t have to buy a whole bag in the supermarket.  We stuffed our rice vending machines with different kinds of rice.  Each portion has enough rice for 2 people; they are only 200JPY.  Try your luck with our machine and see if you get the special kind of rare rice grains or if your rice comes with bonus seasoning.  

The water faucet of a common kitchen of Japan; this one we have has 2 modes, shower and stream, and the head can be detached.
Water Dispenser and Gachapon for rice, all located conveniently inside the kitchen.
Kitchen Box we lend to our guests when they want to use the kitchen.

Here are the items we put inside our kitchen boxes.  All kitchen box have these exact same contents.  We ask our guests to wash and clean up the kitchen and the tools after used, however, after the guests cleaned the kitchen, our staff will clean individual items and the kitchen space again thoroughly to ensure the items and the space is spotless and clean.

This HI stove unit has a built-in electric oven, suitable for baking. Most Japanese family use this oven for baking fish.
This dining area is big enough to comfortably fit 6 adults. Enjoy your cooking with your friends and family here.