Our Concept

 By combining “Bed and Breakfast” style of lodging and conventional Hotel, we want to provide a different kind of traveling lifestyle for our customers.  Living in our hotel will feel like living in a HOME in Japan.  We name our hotel chain “My Home Inn” is because we want to let our customers feel like they have a home in Japan; and whenever they travel to the Osaka area, they will come back to their home.  Locating in the heart of Izumisano city, My Home Inn Izumisano was once an old resident.  After we bought this resident, we renovated and modified this resident to transfer it to “My Home Inn”.  We want to provide a different kind of tourism experience for our customers.  Instead of visiting the conventional, popular tourist sites, we want to promote other not as well-known sites intended for the local tourists. We want overseas visitors to see more about Japan, and have experiences beyond being an oversea tourist.

By providing our guests a car, we want them to use this car to explore new and different Points of Interests over the conventional tourist attractions. With a car, not only our guests can cruise around cities of Japan, they can also experience other activities which a normal oversea visitor cannot do.

We believe having a car will make a big difference in traveling experience.  Our guests can use the car as a portable locker system to store away their Cameras, Additional Coats, Snacks, Shopping items, etc.  Having a car for the trip expands the capability to more variety of activities.  Another activity we want to provide our customers is the joy of cooking.  There are already cooking experience classes in Japan such as “ABC Cooking Studio” to provide cooking experiences.  With a kitchen in our hotel, we want to bring you that experience right from where you are staying.  

By providing our guests access to a kitchen, we can introduce new activities and traveling styles to our guests.  The COVID-19 pandemic in many ways, has changed our ways of living – many now may prefer to dine inside their homes instead of dining in public restaurants.  Instead of crowding yourselves into a public restaurant, why not try dining in a private kitchen in which you prepare the foods for your family or friends using your own ingredients.  

Cook your own Meals,

just like you would do at home.  With a kitchen opened to our guests, we let our guests have the abilities to make their own meals, just like if they are at home.  


With the car that we provide for all our guests, it opens door for more exciting adventures. Activities that are conventionally hard to do as a foreign visitor suddenly became a lot more convenient.  

Drive yourselves around town, 

explore Japan around the clock without time restrictions.  Guests can enjoy more varieties of activities with the help of a car – carry more, buy more, stay out for longer, go further away from your hotel, bring kids along to the trips; we encourage our guests to do more with the car.